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REACH BC - Health Research Study Platform in British Columbia

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Health researchers in British Columbia are working hard every day to build a stronger, healthier future for all Canadians.  But we need your participation.  REACH BC connects BC volunteers and researchers to facilitate health research in the province: participating in studies and trials is now easier than ever!

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REACH BC is an initiative of Michael Smith Health Research BC, British Columbia's health research agency. We are a non-profit initiative that offers researchers in British Columbia a reliable health research platform: through REACH BC, volunteers are matched with health research studies and the researchers involved, across the province of BC, based on their chosen health categories.

REACH BC helps enable and catalyze health research in BC and is part of the organizational strategy working towards a future where BC is recognized worldwide for its vibrant, coherent, inclusive, and globally competitive health research system, which improves the health of British Columbians, the health system, and the economy.


REACH BC is a place qualified researchers employed by BC Health Authorities, Universities, and Research Institutes can share their health research studies to recruit participants from across BC. 

Looking for study participants or patient partners? Share your health research opportunity on REACH BC and get matched to volunteers across BC!

Why do REACH BC volunteers participate in research?

Sharron Williams

"It's fun! You're interacting with the people who are really dedicated to what they're looking for. They're really receptive to you and they'll answer the questions you have."

Sharron Williams

Research Participant

Jeff Churchill Volunteer

"My wife went through breast cancer ... but the reason she is in remission is because of previous generations doing what I'm doing, contributing to medical research".

Jeff Churchill

Research Participant

Ianna Folkes

"It doesn't take a lot of effort on your part. It's easy to do and you have that warm fuzzy feeling that you're helping other people."

Ianna Folkes

Research Participant

Who can volunteer?

Researchers are looking for all kinds of people to participate in their research studies. People with or without medical conditions can volunteer to participate in research in many different ways. 

As a volunteer, you can participate as either a patient or a control (a person without the health condition being studied).

Volunteer in a health research study

Clipboard icon

Complete an online study

Medicine icon

Participate in a clinical trial for a drug

Monitor icon

Test a medical device

Blood icon

Donate blood or tissue for research

As a Patient Partner, you will work with researchers to contribute a patient or caregiver perspective to areas such as study design and prioritization of research activities. Use your voice to inform future health research studies and their processes.

Become a patient partner

Questions icon

Join a research team to help think of new questions and inform research opportunities

Committee icon

Join a research advisory committee and share a patient's point of view

Create your Volunteer profile today!

Participate in health research studies by creating your REACH BC volunteer profile, with a personalized dashboard showing you all your study matches.

How it works


Tells us about yourself

Start by answering some questions about who you are, your health research interests, any conditions you may have, and how we can contact you. It's free to sign up and anyone 16+ in BC can join!


Get matched with research opportunities

Once matched you'll receive a notification about the potential research opportunity. You can respond and let the research team know if you're interested.


Connect with research teams

Before choosing to participate, you'll be put in touch with the researcher to ask any questions you might have. You can also browse the database to find other studies you might be interested in.


Participate in health research

You can volunteer as a patient partner or health research participant, in an online study, a clinical trial, or other health research studies.

What is REACH BC?

Find Research Opportunities in BC

Find a health area that interests you. Search by a medical condition or a health topic.


REACH BC is a non-profit initiative of Michael Smith Health Research BC, British Columbia's health research agency. Our platform matches volunteers with health research studies and the researcher involved, across the province of BC, based on their chosen health categories.

Connect with Research Opportunities in BC

Sign up as a volunteer today and REACH BC will notify you when you're matched with exciting research opportunities.

Privacy and Security

REACH BC will not release any of your personal information to third parties, participating organizations, and/or other institutions. Your information will only be available to the researcher(s) after you indicate interest in being contacted about a particular study.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at or view our privacy statement and terms of use.

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