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Exploring the use of light therapy and ion therapy as maintenance treatment in depression

Light and Ion Therapy for Depression in Remission

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Study Purpose

The UBC Mood Disorders Centre is now recruiting for a feasibility study exploring the use of two separate non-medication treatments, light therapy and ion therapy, as maintenance treatment for people in remission from major depression. We are interested in exploring factors affecting the two treatments as maintenance treatments (to help prevent the return of symptoms) instead of medications in people with Major Depressive.


Participation would include daily use of a bright light device or ion device provided by our clinic for 6 months, as well as regularly completing self-rated scales and meeting the study doctor for assessments. However, half of the treatment devices have been modified so that they are inactive (placebo). You have a 1 in 2 chance (like flipping a coin) of receiving an active or an inactive device.


Lower Mainland

recruitment end date



Age: 19 Years - 65 Years Old

Accepting Healthy Volunteers: No

Research Team Information

Principal investigator

Raymond Lam

health authority affiliation

Vancouver Coastal Health

academic affiliation

University of British Columbia - Vancouver

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